Conforme vs Consoante

I am trying to understand the difference between Consoante vs Conforme

@mohan.ajay, they can be considered synonyms when used in the sense of depending on or according to.

  • Conforme as tuas questĂ”es, posso tentar ajudar. = Consoante as tuas questĂ”es, posso tentar ajudar. (Depending on your questions, I can try to help)
  • Organiza tudo conforme as tuas preferĂȘncias. = Organiza-te consoante as tuas preferĂȘncias. (Organize everything according to your preferences)

Additionally, before past participles, we often use conforme in the sense of as. We also use it on its own as an adjective, meaning in order.

  • Tudo foi conforme planeado. (Everything was as planned)
  • Conforme proposto, mudĂĄmos o horĂĄrio. (As proposed, we changed the schedule)
  • EstĂĄ tudo conforme! (Everything is in order)