Como vs como - how are these different words?

In Practice Portuguese, if you look up the card for uppercase “Como” it’s defined as “Like, as, such as” but if you look up lowercase “como” it’s defined as “how, what”… what is going on here?

The upper case has no relevance.
Como can have all the meanings you cite depending on context.
Como vai…how are you?
Ele come como um cavalho…he eats like a horse.

Como estou sempre com fome, como como um cavalho.

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@trist It’s always the same word, but with multiple possible meanings, like @mac.cummings said. I suppose there are multiple entries in our system for the same word - we’ll look into it!

P.S.: Horse = cavalo (no H) :slight_smile:

Joseph. I would be lying if I said that the mis-spell was due to predictive text!! grinning: :innocent: :grinning: :smiley:

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And I just copied @mac.cummings honest…

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