Coffee supplies & café recommendations

Does anyone happen to know where I could buy specialty coffee-making supplies in the Porto or Lisbon area? When I’m at home, I have been drinking instant coffee for the last few months and it’s time for a change. I’m hoping to find a Kalita Wave and a manual grinder so that I can make drip coffee.

Also I’d be happy to hear any recommendations for your favorite cafés! :coffee:

Instant coffee? Careful, they will deport you for that! :woozy_face:

Get that hand grinder (or perhaps an electric burr grinder), and try out these beans:

They are amaaaazing. You can order them from their site or go pick them up in person (they have an amazing café there too, cold brew and the works).

If you don’t want to be too fancy, I find Delta’s coffee beans (ground or whole I believe) to be the best I’ve tried from the grocery store.



I am half-thinking that the reason Portuguese people contract so many words, eat vowels, etc; is that they are simply over-caffeinated from the excellent coffee options. There simply isn’t enough time to get the words out when one is buzzing on some serious beans.


You’d be shocked with the amount of coffee I see some people drink on a daily basis. It explains so much…!


In Lisbon there’s “Casa Pereira” at Rua Garrett, 38. Or “A Carioca” in Rua da Misericórdia, 9.


Thanks for the recommendations – I will definitely check those out! So far I have tried the beans from Fábrica and they are excellent!

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