Citizenship Requirements

Hi Everyone!

I’m looking for some help locating a lawyer in Porto to help me start my application process for citizenship by marriage - has anyone used a lawyer for this in Porto with great results?

I’m also wondering about a few major questions:

  1. Is language proficiency required?
  2. Are vaccines or proof thereof required?
  3. Are there residency requirements when applying by marriage?

Any and all guidance is appreciated!

Hey, sorry I can’t help with the lawyer situation but I filed my application last July.

Language: Not been tested.

Vaccinations: Not been asked for them.

Residency: I’d been getting all my stuff together for a while but people (I think at registo civil) said to wait until we moved to Portugal so we filed it a month before. I got my residency card in September so I’m not sure if they’re aware I have it (I guess it shows on the system somewhere). I don’t think you have to be based in Portugal though.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of the ‘PROOF OF EFFECTIVE CONNECTION TO THE PORTUGUESE COMMUNITY’ requirement. I got membership for a local football club, but now I’m a member of a local theatre group.

Just a warning: After about 6 months they sent me a letter to say I had to call to get a code to know what stage my application is at. I finally got round to getting the code last week (usually when I called I got kicked out of the queue as it was too busy) and it’s still at stage 1 (I think there are 6). At the registo civil last week they said the wait for citizenship by marriage is about 3 years…

I got my residency card a week after my meeting (which I’d booked a couple of days before), so that was good at least.

Good luck!

According to our lawyers (in Lisbon not Porto, but DM if you want contact info anyway) language proficiency is NOT required for family reunification by marriage.

Beyond that, you’ll get there before we do, so kindly update here when you find out. :slight_smile: