Cebolinha -- spring onion (scallion) or chives

In Portugal, cebolinha (chives) are common. Ocassionally, I see cebolinha (scallions). Is there another word used for scallion?

Try Cebola de primavera. In uk scallions are known as spring onions ( also scallions in ireland and scotland ).

Thanks David,
In the US we called them scallions, spring onions or green onions, but here in Portugal, I’ve only heared them referred to as cebolinha … and maybe they can only be found in the spring (since they just started showing up in the supermarkets. I wanted to know how to ask for it and not have to clarify that I’m not talking about chives. I guess I could try cebola de primavera.

Olá, @mcguirejajm. Personally, I only hear and use cebolinho (masculine) for chives. So, cebolinha (feminine) always means scallions for me - I don’t know and couldn’t find another word for it. May I ask where in Portugal you usually see cebolinha being used for chives?

Thank you, Joseph.
Now I’m not sure. I’ve always called chives as cebolinhas. I bought some as a plant at the Continente supermarket in Almada and they have been growning as I need them ever since. I miss using cebolinhas (scallions) and when they showed up in the last few weeks, I was surprised. (and of course as an American, I’m always mixing up genders :slight_smile: ).

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You’re welcome, @mcguirejajm! My question was out of genuine curiosity because there could be a regional difference that I’m not aware of. Unlikely for mainland Portugal, but in the islands, for example, they have their own words for certain things :slight_smile: But well, maybe it was just a gender mixup; it happens.