CDC card and travel after 1 Dec

Hi everyone,

I have a trip planned to visit Lisbon from 15-23 of December. I saw in the news yesterday that Portugal is returning to a “state of calamity” beginning on 1 December. Although I have been triple vaxxed and will have a negative PCR test from the flight, I am concerned about restaurant and bar access. Under the tighter rules, an EU vaccine passport is required for entrance. As an American, I am not eligible for this document and will only have my CDC vaccine card. For those in country or those who traveled under similar conditions a few months ago, did local businesses accept the CDC card? I realize it may vary by proprietor, but I would hate to be shut out of most places. Thanks for your comments!

Hello - I researched this in Sept when I was scheduled to travel to PT from California. Hotels and restaurants there were requiring the EU vaccine passport at that time and here’s what I found out then:

  • In CA we have a Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record available that includes a QR code. I emailed a copy of my digital record to one of our hotels and they said it was perfect and we would have no problem with entry to hotels and restaurants. Because there have been stories of fake CDC vaccine cards I figured it was best to use the digital record as it seems to be most similar to the EU card that has a QR code I believe.
  • I checked with the PT embassy in San Francisco. They were responsive and tried to be helpful but they had no directive from the govt about this issue at that time. I suggest checking with your local PT embassy to see if they now have a directive.
  • I also asked some acquaintances in Lisbon and the Algarve before traveling and they told me hotels and restaurants are accepting the U.S. Digital Covid certificates in lieu of having the EU Certif. And another person on this forum said regular CDC cards were not being accepted by restaurants.

I ultimately did not make the trip so unfortunately don’t have any better info…

Tlaw I suggest you join the FaceBook group Americans and Friends PT where you will find answers to this and many other questions about viting Portugal.

The only thing that I can tell you for sure is that they will not accept the CDC card.