Caminho de Santiago

Hi @Joseph, I don’t know if you were part of the team that made the brilliant series walking the caminho de Santiago? Is there anything on the ‘backstory’ to the trip available, and can you give any tips for people wanting to walk the same route?

We are quite old now :frowning: and would want to to do the route in some comfort.

Thanks in advance.

Eagerly awaiting @Joseph’s comments - I too loved the series.

We (wife and I) had plans to walk it this past year, but, well COVID. We bought this book and it does a really good job of describing the various routes, & amenities along the way.


Muito obrigado Stephen. The book will make a great Christmas present for my wife, whose been advised by her orthopaedics consultant to stop running and take up walking.


There’s also this which is about requesting a pilgrim’s passport prior to starting the journey. Good luck - I’m hopeful that the world will come back to a semblance of normal in the coming year and the journey can happen!

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Thanks again. We had hoped to walk a small part of the route in the Basque region in April but, of course, that was cancelled, as was my trip to Porto in June.

Hopefully the vaccines being produced will allow some normality to come back some time.


Olá, @patrickmcmahon5544. I was not part of the actual trip and its planning, so I can’t help here! @joelrendall, would you have any tips?

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I did the Portuguese coastal caminho in 2015 and the French one in 2017. I booked through, which is based in Ireland. They are fantastic, honest efficient and well priced. They send you all the walk notes, maps etc, pre book your accomodation for each night, you can go half or full board. So as a ‘ senior’ you are walking independently, at whatever pace you want, but at the end of each day you have a blissfully clean hotel, run by locals, small, clean and generally close to the start of the next days walk. They also collect your bags, so you walk with only a day pack.
While I would like to have done the walk totally alone, carrying everything, I had to be realistic about my feet, age etc. I felt this company gave me the best of both worlds, I could mix with anybody along the road, no buses delivering me to the start of the day and picking me up @ night, so I felt free and so grateful to not be scrambling for a place to sleep after mega miles every day.


Sorry typo,

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Thanks so much I’ll look into that straight away.

1 Like This society is based in St James’ Gate Church in Dublin, Ireland. Just around the corner from the famous St James’ Gate brewery, Guinness.

The Camino de Santiago is in honour of St James the Apostle.