Best Portuguese Textbooks

I echo stephenanthony in recommending this book. The intro material urges reading it all the way through first, even if there is little understanding. I found this useful as I began my learning process


Hi @allent2000.

I found your comment interesting and it resonantes with my approach to learning Portuguese, particularly when listening to the language.

If I listen to a podcast or watch a television news bulletin and don’t understand it, my reaction is not to give up, believing that it’s too advanced for me. I accept that I don’t understand it… YET… but continue listening because any exposure to the sounds and rhythms of the language is beneficial.

I’m sure that on a subconscious level learning is taking place, even when I don’t seem to be inderstanding anything! :grinning:


My experiences exactly. Hear the sounds/rhythms and just be exposed to it.

Another aspect for me is trying to ignore the urge to translate; “I heard word X and that means Y, so… wait - what are they talking about now?”; and concentrate on a (very) broad content understanding.

If I had to take a test on what I heard, I could tell you what the subject was, and maybe some high level details, but not more than that. But the more I listen, the more details become clear. Slowly, but surely.


Thanks for this! I’m going to be in Europe in July (not Portugal, sadly) and I may try to find some of these while I’m there. It is hard, and expensive, to find them in the US. Thanks for sharing them!

This is a really great book for learning Portuguese:

The co-author, Rafael, also has an excellent online learning resource at – through which I got to find out what he calls “bad words”! ( – you have to obtain a discreet password to access this content, bless!).

Last weekend I bought this at Continente: – one of the best things about it is a verb wheel, which you spin to decline regular and irregular verbs in present, future, past perfect and past imperfect tenses. It’s rather gorgeous and such fun to use.