Bathroom Confusion

Growing up, I always ‘heard’ the word cozinha referred to as the bathroom. However, learning Portuguese now, cozinha refers to the the kitchen or cooking. Has anyone else experienced this phenomena? :grin: If so, any explanations? Was it just a very loose translation?

Olá, @Medeiros! That mix-up seems to have plenty of comedic potential :smile:

Olá Joseph. No kidding! The two are closely related in more ways than one. :grin:

Turns out, Casinha means “little house”. Casinha de banho means “shower house”. Growing up in the 60’s-70’s, casinha meant “bathroom” in our family. The kitchen was just referred to as the “kitchen”.

I don’t know…maybe the word casinha is just a carry-over term from the old days referring to a ‘little out house’ out back. Or maybe it was my family’s way to codeword the message to us kids in front of neighbors… :crazy_face:

Ah, casinha is different. We do use casinha relatively often still to this day :slight_smile: The default translation for bathroom is casa de banho. Casinha is simply the diminutive form of the first word, casa. Not to be confused with cozinha, which means kitchen.

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