Audiobooks anywhere?

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I was wondering if anyone knows where to find audiobooks in Portuguese, ideally in European Portuguese (but I’m not hiding my breath). Either I am doing my research wrong, or audiobooks in Portuguese are really hard to come by. Isn’t there a market for such in Portugal?

I am personally partial to sci-fi, fantasy, cosy mysteries and LGBTQ+ themed books. Listening to audiobooks is something I do while driving or walking. It takes my mind off worries and helps me relax. My thinking goes that it would be great to combine this habit and learn some more Portuguese at the same time in 2021.

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I am following the replies to your post as I have come across the same issue and drawn a blank - most audio books seem to be in Brazilian Portuguese. As you say I fear there isn’t a market for European Portuguese.

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Encontrei alguns audiolivros, mas apenas clássicos do século XIX como Eça de Queiroz, Almeda Garret, Camillo Branco. Por exemplo, no librivox

ou no youtube

Boa Tarde :wave:. So, if you search Audible’s site, you will see they actually have a lot to offer for European Portuguese.

You’ll have to purchase cash or sign up, but I have a number of their offerings and it’s worth it.

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At the moment, you can get free audio books from them without having to give any of your personal details. While this offer is available, they have 37 books in Portuguese ranging from Jules Verne to Cinderella! (Type Stories. Audible. Com)


Diane, are the audio books you mentioned in European Portuguese? I’ve only found language learning books and CDs but no others. Can you provide a link?

Maggie,yes it is european portuguese.The link is on the article below from the RadioTimes mag.where it says Simply visit…etc

" This is Good news for those stuck at home in isolation: Audible is making hundreds of titles available for free during the coronavirus pandemic.

The audiobook platform has said that, for as long as schools are closed, anyone can listen to a vast selection of its titles.

Simply visit from any web browser to get started. No log-ins, credit card or passwords needed."


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