Anyone interested in a cheap VPN to watch RTP and other Portuguese TV?


Would you like to use a VPN to watch Portuguese TV? I have no affiliation with these guys, and they do NOT yet have a server in Portugal, but they said they are willing to create a server in Portugal if enough people are interested. Here’s the deal on Appsumo, a deals website:

…the lifetime deal is a bargain, but (as I say) they don’t yet have a server in Portugal.

Again, I don’t have any affiliation with any of these companies, but I’m gonna buy the deal on the basis there will prob a quorum of people interested :smiley:

It would be fun to be able to watch RTP from other countries :smiley:

Here’s the Goose VPN website if you are intersted:

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of VPNs that already have servers in Portugal. So if you need Portuguese access, why would anyone want to sign up for one that doesn’t? And you can watch RTP online wherever you are anyway without a VPN.