Anybody in for a european portuguese online chat?

I’m very serious about becoming fluent in Portuguese. I’m already conversational but the thing is, I don’t live in Portugal, so I’m looking for online chat opportunities.
Would anyone be in for a weekly chat in portuguese? It could also be a group chat!
Muito obrigada :slight_smile:


Olá, @msigma-portufreak :slight_smile: You can take a look at this topic, if you’d like to take part in some group study sessions kindly organized by Jana (@enchantmentunlimited) with several other forum members: Anyone up for an accountability partner or study group?


Thank you very much Joseph! I’ve asked to join and can’t wait to get speaking!

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Hi! I too am very serious about becoming fluent. I just finished A1 and I have Italki sessions with a tutor. I also attend that online group with Jana on Sundays. Still want more. What time zone are you in?


That’s exactly what I’m talking about! This is the kind of enthusiasm I’m looking for! I’m in CET. What about you?

Edit: CEST until the end of October.

so I guess we are 6 hours apart. Can you zoom at 5:00 PM your time tomorrow -Thursday for a few minutes? If so, email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you a link.

@BCARL97 and @chrislmotta, just wanted to mention that you can send private messages on the forum as well (since in the public forum, your messages are visible to members and non-members alike). To do so, you can click on the username/avatar and then click on the blue “Message” icon, on the small window that pops up :slight_smile:

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I do not see this. I have tried clicking some profile names and I do not see anything about a private message, I was thinking that would be nice, a screen shot maybe?

Obrigada Joseph!

@BCARL97 you should be able to see it now. As a new user, it wasn’t accessible for you before (default security settings) :slight_smile:

Weekly Portuguese meetup starting January 9th:

Goal #1: Practicing Portuguese
Goal #2: Make friends

Starbucks in the middle of Porto.



Is this still a thing? I live in Porto and would love to meet up with folks to become more conversational.

I’ll be in Porto until next week Wednesday! Let’s meet and speak Portuguese if you’re up for it