Any rules around "aqui" and/or "cá"?


Are there any rules around when “cá” is (or can be) used instead of “aqui” - or vice-versa?

@Barrie, they are often used interchangeably, but feels more general. This Learning Note should help :slight_smile: : Adverbs of Place: Here and There

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Thanks Joseph. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Super, an excellent explanation in the learning notes, thanks Josph

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One example that I was given: if you’re in the supermarket and someone asks where you live, saying “moro cá” means you live here in Portugal but “moro aqui” means you live right here in the shop!


@pp12, hah, true! It could be interpreted like that. But you can always add more context to clear up any doubts:

  • Moro aqui no bairro. = Moro no bairro. (I live here in the neighborhood)

With complementary information, both options would sound fine for a native speaker, which is one way to get around the issue of choosing between them :slight_smile:

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