Any ARI (Golden Visa) Applicants?

Hey guys,

I hope you are doing well in this very difficult time.

Are there any ARI (Golden Visa) applicants here?
Let’s talk about the mass delay and our experiences with the SEF.

Has your application been approved? How long did it take?
Have you been able to make an appointment with the SEF?
What are some problems you have encountered?
Basically, anything that you think is worth sharing.

I hope this discussion could provide useful information to anyone struggling with the SEF and probably some emotional support as well. Let’s talk : )

Muito Obrigado,

Hi Davin-

My husband and I are Golden Visa applicants and we have an appointment with SEF in a few weeks. We were fortunate to have gone through the process prior to the pandemic, so our application was approved a few months after our real estate purchase (to which we are permanently relocating in 2021).

We used a company called Global Citizen Solutions which, although not inexpensive, was really a life saver as they handled everything necessary for the process. The immigration lawyers with which they work have been great and very on top of getting us an appointment with SEF once they reopened their online appointment portal.

I hope that helps, and I’m happy to share direct contact information with any of these folks if you need.

Boa sorte,