Any ARI (Golden Visa) Applicants?

Hey guys,

I hope you are doing well in this very difficult time.

Are there any ARI (Golden Visa) applicants here?
Let’s talk about the mass delay and our experiences with the SEF.

Has your application been approved? How long did it take?
Have you been able to make an appointment with the SEF?
What are some problems you have encountered?
Basically, anything that you think is worth sharing.

I hope this discussion could provide useful information to anyone struggling with the SEF and probably some emotional support as well. Let’s talk : )

Muito Obrigado,

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Hi Davin-

My husband and I are Golden Visa applicants and we have an appointment with SEF in a few weeks. We were fortunate to have gone through the process prior to the pandemic, so our application was approved a few months after our real estate purchase (to which we are permanently relocating in 2021).

We used a company called Global Citizen Solutions which, although not inexpensive, was really a life saver as they handled everything necessary for the process. The immigration lawyers with which they work have been great and very on top of getting us an appointment with SEF once they reopened their online appointment portal.

I hope that helps, and I’m happy to share direct contact information with any of these folks if you need.

Boa sorte,


Hey there, just wanted to second the recommendation for Global Citizen Services and the lawyers they use. My husband and I had our SEF interviews in mid February, and our cards were issued in June.



Hey Howard,

Thanks for sharing! Have you guys got the Residence Permits? Do they last for 2 years instead of 1?

In my case, my online application was approved in November and my lawyer thought I would have to wait till July 2021 for the SEF appointment due to the mass delays as a result of the previous lockdowns. But the good news is that my lawyer managed to grab a slot in Mid-December for me at the SEF. So in a couple of days I will be heading to Portugal for the appointment and I’m so excited.

Btw I have to say a big thank you to the Consulate General of Portugal in London. They have been extremely helpful and made things much easier for me by making exceptions for me. I’ve dealt with many consulates of many countries in the world and so far this one is probably the most helpful.

Thanks again for sharing your experience with me and let’s keep in touch!

Boa sorte,

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Hi!! Maybe I’ve finally found where I can get help … I missed my chance to get to Portugal by end Dec .( bereavement/ house sale fall through)
I am British, retired and have to sell my house here before I can move… ideally I’d like to rent ( around Obidos), and take my time getting the feel and choosing my purchase carefully as this is my final stop!
However… how can I get visa (d7), without an address in Portugal, and how do I get an address without a visa? And basically who can help me / advise me on my particular situation ( which is difficult as I can’t get over to Portugal much before moving and have no one to assist. I think I’m just looking for someone to take the time to talk over the process with me , but relative to my particular situation… I can see my dream drifting away at the moment!:slightly_frowning_face:… I’m studying so hard at my Portugese and was 2 weeks away from relocating in September with everything including rental secured and booked, and now I’m just totally confused as to how I can go about this ?
Can anyone help, or direct me ? ( I’ve been misinformed too by an adviser I thought I could trust which cost me getting over in time. :slightly_frowning_face:
Ps… I’m so determined to make Portugal my home! :heart:


Ps… love this website for learning!! :joy::joy:


Hey Sallygamble2! I’m so sorry to hear that your plan has been disrupted and I really hope things work out soon for you. Unfortunately, I only know about the process with Golden Visa through investment so I’m not sure if I’m the best person to give you suggestions on the matter of D7 procedures.

I hope people will see your post soon and hopefully someone with experience could reach out to you. At the same time, I will ask my lawyer and see what she says about your situation.

Meanwhile please stay strong!


Thank you so much! I am actually pretty philosophical now and just taking one step at a time in navigating all this… I now feel that the Golden Visa Is the way forward for me. My plan is to sell my flat here in London in March, then rent in uk while house hunting in Portugal… then when dream home found, start visa application this way. Sometimes the universe is teaching me patience methinks!!:rofl::rofl:

Meanwhile I’m studying hard at the language! Just can’t wait to give it a go for real.

Your reply is really kind… I’d almost forgotten I’d posted! I’d just got “ duff” info and had been feeling let down, but now all my bounce has returned.

Just a question… how long did your visa take in total?
Feliz Natal e Obrigada



Hello Sally,

Happy New Year! Good to hear back from you.

I am still in the process so I have not finished the whole thing yet. It took me about 4 months from the point of submission of my online application to the point where I went for an appointment with the SEF. It will probably take another 4 to 5 months for the residence permit to be issued.

I was also the lucky one because my lawyer managed to have got me an interview with the SEF a month after the approval of my online application, but I know most applicants who submitted their application in the summer have to wait till June 2021 to go for their appointments due to the previous lockdowns in Portugal.

I hope this is helpful.

Happy New Year,

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