Americans in Porto

Hey everyone,

I’m staying in Porto for the month and would love to connect with other Americans or Canadians living here. Feeling lonely and homesick.

I’m 24 and a law student taking my gap year.

Please feel free to PM me and let’s probably hang out!

Ola Davin,

I lived in Spain for a year and remember feeling kind of lonely too at times. These are now especially tough times though to be away… Normally, people would be more out going. My experience has always been that the Portuguese were for the most part very kind. I guess if I were in your shoes, I would try to be outside a lot, take walks, enjoy the architecture and scenery. Try to exercise a lot, eat well and listen and speak as much Portuguese as possible. I live in Boston and wish I were in Portugal now… If I were, Id join you for sure for a beverage and a bite to eat. I hope that you do meet up with some expats. There is an expat Facebook group. Check that out. I believe there are some people who might be in the Porto area. Best of luck to you. John

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Hi again Devin,
Sorry, I see I misspelled your name. I tried to edit but couldn’t


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Hey John,

Thank you for your reply. It is really nice and sweet of you to leave these heart-warming words which already made my day.

I will try to have as much fun as I could, but with the lockdown and the gloomy weather here this week it’s not so easy to go out and explore much.

And most importantly, Boston is where I’m visiting from! I guess the world is indeed very small.

Would you like to talk on Whatsapp? You could pm me your number if you want. I look forward to seeing you either here in Portugal or back in the US in the near future.

(Btw you got my name right the first time and don’t worry it’s an unusual name so I get that a lot: David, Devin, Dave, etc. lol)


Hi Davi, I am Dutch and live in the Silver Coast but this FB page mentioned below will probably have some Americans on it as well. Give it a try : British Expats in Portugal