American in Portugal

Ola, I’m new to Practice Portuguese program. I’m enjoying it but I think it would beneficial to meet on line with someone that wants to practice speaking their Portuguese. We can help each and make it fun.

With few exceptions, my time is open to meet up.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Eu quero falar sobre tua idea. (I don’t know it this is correct, but I’m trying at least. I’m now studying already A2. Didn’t finish aaaaaal the A1, but yeah, quit far. We can just zoom once and see… send me message if you like [email protected]

Hi! Trying is much better than not trying so Kudos! I think that’s pretty correct; I want to speak about your idea.
Anyway, thanks for response to my message. I’m A1.
I’ll send you an email.
My email is:
[email protected]

@AmeliaGrace and @Johan1412, there’s an online group meeting regularly every week to practice Portuguese together :slight_smile: If you’re interested, you can check out this topic for more details: Anyone up for an accountability partner or study group? - The Café / Study Groups & Meet Ups - Practice Portuguese


Olá, I am also a beginner and regularly join the Sunday Portuguese zoom call. More beginners joining would be nice for me. :slight_smile: Perhaps we can even set up a little break out room to work on basics if we have enough people? Até breve!


of course. I’m interested! More later…

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thank you for the link…I’ll def check it out.

Hi Portugal,
Sorry for the late reply. I just started the program and in the Tu vs Voce unit. I’m enjoying it it and more importantly I’m understanding it so that’s a good thing.
What time on Sunday is the Zoom call?

Hi I sent a request to join Sunday Zoom call. I hope to see you there.

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Hi, I am Efti. I live in Coimbra and just finished A2 with the government program here in Coimbra. I am interested in practicing speaking Portuguese. I would love to join Sunday Zoom call. Thanks

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Just seeing this now – I’m glad you got in touch with the organizer! We may have a smaller group due to Easter but I plan to be there. I look forward to meeting you!

Fabulous, you’ll fit right in! See Joseph’s link above to contact the organizer for a Zoom link and to get ongoing email about it.