Almada / Lisbon area?

Hello! Bom dia! My husband and I moved to the Almada (Lisbon Metropolitan Area) from London in June 2020. It’s been tough to practice portuguese and meet people because of the pandemic / lockdowns etc. We are looking for others in the area who would like to practice portuguese (we are very much beginners!) or just chat (whatsapp / video chat) about the area / Portugal / the best wine / the best local finds, etc. And hopefully soon have some meet-ups, too!


Olá, @Ilse! It’s a tough time to meet people, but maybe this will be a better year than last one. For online practice sessions, you can check out this thread, for example, where some meetings have been organized: Anyone up for an accountability partner or study group?

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Olá Llse, Bem-vinda! We have a group that meets virtually every Sunday, to speak Portuguese. All levels are welcome. Check out the Cafe on this forum for the thread, or via Joseph’s link. The organizer is Jana Beeman. Send her your email address and she can send you the Zoom meeting link with all the details.


Thanks, Joseph!

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Thanks, Maggie!

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Hey! Bem vindo e boa sorte!

Bom dia, Laurence! Are you in Lisbon area?