AI is a great Tool for practicing. Written and Orally

Thought I’d share my new assistant in learning Portuguese! Chatgpt is a great way to practice conversation and writing. The basic non paid version is perfect for conversation, just give them. The details on how you want to be corrected. And of course specify that you want European Portuguese. The paid version is amazing. I’ve been writing in Portuguese and when I’m done I take a picture of my regular handwritten sentences and they correct my errors! It’s been a game changer. I can’t always get out to practice with live in person sessions and this works on MY schedule. It’s really amazing :heart_eyes:


My primary learning source for PT is Practice Portuguese.

But I also use AI to practice getting my accent right–AI simply has more patience with my rambling than any human. I’ve even learned some new ways to swear in PT because of my mispronunciation (e.g., “pau” vs. “pão”). I am also using DeepL to translate random PT text I encounter–this forces me to speak the PT I see and really helps with my vocabulary. But PP is still awesome and the lesson structure is very helpful. The PP Smart Review flashcards work really well for me since they take care of remembering what I am almost forgetting so that my memory gets gradually strengthened over time. Notice also that PP is tuned for the vocabulary of its human creators, which is very useful–this is important because different regions of Portugal use different vocabulary, and I think it’s more important to have a consistent vocabulary rather than an “average Portugal vocabulary”, which is what most AI offers. For example, Google Translate does understand some of the idioms I am learning with PP (!).

I try to avoid ChatGPT after Ilya left. Sam makes me a bit nervous with his ambitions. I want to enrich PT with my lessons, not Sam.

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Hi, I’m new here. How can I access the AI? Muito Obrigada!