Achar vs Pensar

One of the Shorties quiz questions has me perplexed:

O que acha o Pedro dos seus jornais?

When I took this sentence (in English) into Deepl, it translated the sentence to:

O que pensa o Pedro dos seus jornais?

What is the easiest way to know which verb tense to use for “think”?



These two verbs often overlap, but with exceptions. I actually find it difficult to explain how to properly use each one, but let’s say that pensar relates more to the act itself of thinking, while achar refers to a specific opinion you hold. In sentences such as the one you posted, they may overlap:

  • O que acha o Pedro dos seus jornais? :white_check_mark:
  • O que pensa o Pedro dos/sobre os seus jornais? :white_check_mark:

In other cases, it’s easier to see what sets them apart:

  • Estou a pensar em ti. :white_check_mark: (I’m thinking about you)
  • Estou a achar em ti. :x: (gibberish)

Achar may also mean to find. This seems more common in Brazilian Portuguese, but it’s also accepted in European Portuguese.

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Obrigada Joseph. This makes much more sense to me know. I appreciate your help.

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