Accessibility and Parque Nacional de Geres

My family and some friends will be in Portugal this summer. I would like to take this rather fit bunch to see Parque Nacional de Geres, but I’m somewhat disabled. I’m not wheelchair bound, but need canes and walking sticks, and I’m not so sure-footed. I think I will be okay if I let them go off and explore some difficult areas without me (maybe I’ll be a little jealous), but I’m wondering if there might be some more accessible options that I might take advantage of. Thank you for any advice.


Hey Denise,
Saw your post on hiking near Braga. Here are some ideas.from a 73 year old, arthritic-kneed Canadian walker
There is a new product called a Trionic Veloped

It is a great alternative for us unsteady folks who still want to hike.
Not sure what you use for sticks, but I have been using a pair from Pacerpole in England
They have the best handle, are collapsible for luggage and come in a variety of weights. I walked across England with them.
Finally, you’ll be relatively close to the Camino Portuguese and Camino da Costa, both exceptional walks. I did the Coastal in '18 and loved it.
Don’t be discouraged and get out to some of the best walks in the world in Portugal.

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My wife used a Veloped Trek very successfully. Unfortunately she had Parkinson’s and passed away a couple of years ago. But the Veloped enabled her to get out on moderate trails/walks for several years. Expensive but very good. I still have it and used it when I sprained a knee.

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Thanks for reaching out Ray and j1711. I think the Veloped Trek is going to be out of my price range. Hopefully I’ll figure something else out.

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