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Olá a todos! Chamo-me Tomas. Sou da Dinamarca mas moro em Inglaterre and have done so for a quarter of a century. My wife and I have fallen in love with Madeira, with a handful of visits over the last 8 years. On our recent trip in March, I finally decided to sign up to PP and start learning the language. Looking forward to the journey!

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Olá from London England! I’m new to Portuguese and it’s my first time learning a new language. I went to Portugal and got hooked on pastel de nata and the beautiful language. I’m excited to start this journey and excited to learn something new.

Boa noite.


My name is Devin, I’m from southern California and am majoring in Advanced Manufacturing, which is basically 3D modeling components for aircraft.
I began learning European Portuguese because I’ve been fascinated by Portugal for quite a while - my maternal grandfather’s family came to the US from the Açores when he was around 1-2 years old. He’s long stayed out of contact with us, so I can’t ask him more about our family history. However, one thing I do know is that my mother’s maiden name, Bernard, came from the family’s original surname: Bernardo. They shortened it when they arrived in America.
Até ja! :heartbeat:

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My wife and I are retired and living now in Boulder, CO. We are applying for D7 resident visa and intend to live in Portugal about six months a year.
Então. É óbvio porque estou aprendendo português.
I am interested in sailing big sailboats, ham radio, hand wood working and bicycle riding.

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Olá! My name is Emily and I’m from Canada. My native language is English. I’m learning Portuguese because my husband grew up speaking the lanaguage at home and it’s a tradition we’d love to continue (he grew up in Canada too but his parents are from Vila Real in the North of Portugal). Any language learning tips would be appreciated (trying to make my MIL proud)! Muito Obrigada.

Ola, my name is Carla and I live almost 5 year in Portugal. Time to learn the language :slight_smile: :sweat_smile: Tried different things (book, online, small class), hope this will work better.

Olá, eu sou da Austrália. O meu nome é Andy.
Why Portuguese? For many years I have been interested in the history of Portugal from pre-Roman times to the present along with Portuguese culture. Several years ago (pre-COVID) my partner and I were lucky enough to be able to spend a week in Lisbon which we enjoyed. I would like to return this time with the aim seeing much more of this fascinating country. Also, having some knowledge of the language — even if not proficient — is a wonderful way of accessing a nation’s culture thus making our second journey more interesting.

Having reached my early 70’s, with time on my hands and being in need of intellectual stimulation what better way to fill those needs than by learning another language? Apart my native tongue (English) and some French at school this will be my “second” language. It looks quite challenging, but with practice I hope I will attain a little fluency. I spent some time using another App but it teaches Brazilian Portuguese only, Having seen PracticePortuguese recommended elsewhere and noting that is dedicated to European Portuguese only I have decided to try it out. Looks good so far.