A Christmas in Portugal

Contemplating the idea of going to Portugal at Christmas this year. I live in the uk and I don’t usually do much at Christmas. Sometimes my family even goes for a curry which I don’t mind. It’s just a little boring. Listening to music non stop. I live with parents so I can’t even enjoy a Christmas alone and I love being alone to be honest. I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m 23.

So I thought maybe I should go to Portugal. The weather might still be chilly but it’ll be better than 0°c. I know it will be mainly self catering but I go out to eat anyway.

But what can I do while there? What does Portugal offer at Christmas. I know there’s wonderland Lisboa but is that any good? I’m thinking of going for 4-5 days so need a few things to do. Thanks

Christmas and New Year are high season on Madeira, with Funchal dressed up to the nines with christmas decorations and spectacular new year’s fireworks. All with temperatures in the high teens.

@reececox2000 I would say that Christmas is not an amazing time to visit Portugal, but it depends on how high your expectations are. Stores and supermarkets tend to be extremely busy on the days before Christmas, and on Christmas Eve itself, most businesses close early and remain fully closed on Christmas day. For many Portuguese locals, this is quintessential family time. In any case, especially in the bigger cities, you will still have pockets of activity, with open bars, restaurants, concerts, etc. You’ll find Christmas markets here and there, temporary ice rinks and fairs… Nothing out of the ordinary. For New Year’s in particular, I second @Tomas’s suggestion - Madeira is a fun place to be.

Personally, I love how low key Christmas is here compared to the hype of the UK. As Joseph said it is very much a family time but it is literally one day though it starts Christmas Eve with the Consoada (Christmas Eve meal). There is no Boxing Day and life gets back to normal straight away. In the UK it feels like everything shuts down for two weeks. I found that very tedious.
New Year is generally more lively. I live near Albufeira and we always have a free concert on the beach with a firework display and the last couple of years an air display of planes and parachutists.

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