Yet more problems with flashcards in smart review

Hi Alex, since you worked on resolving the background image problem (which still ‘feels’ unstable to me even though the images eventually load and display correctly) I’ve noticed that the button for managing phrases has moved out of its box to just above the current flashcard.
Since this change, I find that clicking on the button consistently logs me out after some 5/10 seconds of blank page, the same happens for @Lemonie90.
Good hunting :blush:

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Hi James,
I have solve the issue with the “My Phrases” logging you out. But I can reproduce the positioning issue of the button. I have tested in on different screen sizes and for everything that is less then 800px wide (basically this is the portrait view of an iPad) it hides the button, so I guess this is happening for landscape view on iPad. Can you send me a screenshot so I would have some idea where/what is happening. Then may I can find it easily in the code and fix it.
And last - what is the behavior of the background images? Are there cases where none are loaded or they are just slower in loading? (By the way we have plans to remove them for some of the screen sizes since not much of the picture is visible and it creates the feeling of unwell looking design, but I guess we will leave it for the portrait view for tablets)

And thanks again for reporting this.

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Thanks Alex, yes I don’t get logged out now :blush:

Regarding the position of the button, I was mistaken, the old page (before you fixed the image loading) was formatted like this

The new page looks like this :

Note the new “manage phrases” button, I thought I remembered it being inside the box but I was mistaken.
(Btw, the new format is a great improvement, at least on an iPad :+1:t3:)

Re images :
I think that removing the images for certain screen resolutions is a good idea especially for phone screens. I love the look of the images, they bring colour and variety but if they also bring instability and incompatibility across all platforms maybe a simple texture or pattern may be more stable.

All the images load now but there is always a delay, and not a consistent one, maybe it’s because I’m looking out for problems but I often feel as if an image isn’t going to load after a 1or2 sec delay but then they appear. It really is a small issue so I wouldn’t waste time on it. I will let you know if any fail to load.

Here, just for your information, is what the same page looks like in landscape mode (very nice :blush:)

Hi James, thanks for the huge feedback. The image problem might be related with the sizes of the images. We need to do some image optimization, but since we want to keep the quality it might be not much of difference, still there might be some more trick we can use on them.
Thanks again for the screenshots.

Image optimisation would certainly help I’m sure. As this thread is titled “more problems with flashcards” I have noticed another small glitch but if Molly wants to start a new thread that’s fine by me.

Two days ago I wanted to completely clear my “phrases to review” in the flashcards section, when the app reported that I had just 3 more cards to review I hit the ‘continue/next button’ but was then presented with the ‘congratulations’ page saying there were no more phrases to review. It’s only a small thing and has never happened before so I ignored it but… today (I didn’t do any yesterday) the same thing occurred again but this time I had 8 flashcards left to review.
If I can replicate the same situation tomorrow I will take screenshots.

I’ve just spoken with @Lemonie90 about this (she’s much tidier than I am and keeps her flashcards up to date more often :slight_smile: ) and it appears this happens often for her.

Yeah this happens (pretty much) every time for me…
For example it’ll say I have 9 flashcards, then the next batch only gives me 4 to complete. It then says I have 5 to complete and when I hit the ‘Review more phrases’ I get the ‘Congratulations’ page.

I’ve just gone into my flashcards and I had 27 to review.
When it said I had 6 to review I hit the ‘Review…’ button and got the ‘Congratulations’ page, without reviewing the 6…(see below)

:arrow_up: Went straight to this :arrow_down:

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Hi Mel and James,
I think I have found what was the issue with this bug. Still my fix just on theory, not sure if it will work on practice (I think it should, but lets see), since I can’t reproduce it with my smart-review, but that is ok, since we have different phrases for review : )
Let me know if this is still around for you.

Thank you.

Hi Alex,

I just finished my flashcards and it worked perfectly :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: thank you!!
My last review said I had three to do, and it gave me three…so all great and working perfectly!!
Have a good weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

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