‘What’s New’ area - Units

I was just in the ‘What’s New’ area, scrolled down to the ‘Units’ bit…and as I used the left and right arrows to move them they froze. I couldn’t use the arrows (they stayed grey) and had to come out of the ‘What’s New’ area and go back in.
So I went back in and again used the arrows to see what other new units were listed and after a few taps of the side arrows this area froze again.
I was able to scroll down/up to the other section (Shorties, Instagram etc) and they all moved left/right fine and didn’t freeze, but when I went back to the ‘Units’ part it was still frozen.

This particular problem doesn’t happen for me but scrolling left and right via swipe or the arrows is very jerky I find.

Hi James and Mel,
I have added some fixes that I home will solve those glitches.
Thanks for reporting this.