What’s new area “new features and announcements”

There are 4 links at present here :

2 of these work fine the other 2 (re background images and beta app) lead to blank pages and can effect the back button eg: taking you home rather than back to what’s new.

Hi, James,
Thanks for pointing this out. I have fixed them, but not sure if the app will not cache the previous results. If so it should be cleared in few hours.

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Ok, I’ll check it out later. Thanks.

Not sure what this link is supposed to take you to, but when I tap it I end up in the units area. When I hit back, it skips past the ‘What’s New’ area and takes me back to whatever I was on when I started (homepage/units page/flashcards).

I experience the same Alex, I checked after your last fix so I think the ‘resolved’ label was a bit premature :blush:

Yes that link should go to the main units page, so that part is working as expected.

I’m not sure why the back button is working like that for that link, though, so we’ll have to look into that more. I think for now I will just remove the background images line anyway since it’s no longer very new and there’s not much purpose to just linking to the units (since most people on the What’s New page will know where the units are anyway). :slightly_smiling_face: