We've launched in the App Stores!

Big news! After a very helpful beta testing period (obrigado pela vossa ajuda!), we’ve finally launched in both app stores. We’re keeping the launch low-key for now, since we want to keep support requests manageable. We’ll be announcing the launch more publicly in the weeks to come.

If you’ve been using the beta versions, feel free to uninstall and replace it with the normal version from the links below. (It may slightly help our app’s stats if you use the live version instead of beta, not sure!)

If you have found the app valuable, a review in the app store would be incredibly helpful. Thanks again for your support and help testing the app, allowing us to reach this major milestone! Keep the feedback coming…

​iOS: https://apps.apple.com/pt/app/practice-portuguese/id1517216365?l=en
Android: ​https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.practiceportugueseap4.app

To login, use the same email address and password you use for our website.

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yeah! well done! Looking forward to using the app ‘on the go’


I downloaded the app today and am attempting to login. It asks for my “user name” I put in my screen name which is on my account page, but cannot login. I have put in my password correctly.
What am I doing wrong?

When I login I have to use the email I joined with, so maybe instead of just your screen name, try using your email address.
I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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I have been using the Beta version for quite some time, but the translator wasn’t available/working so I have just uninstalled it, and downloaded this newer version and it seems to be working great.

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Hi Dennis! I think I spoke to you via our helpdesk email, but Kellie is right: you use the same email address and password that you use to login to our website to login to the app. Just let us know if you have any other questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been using the app for maybe 8 months now. Just yesterday (Tuesday may 3) It seemed to me that Rui is speaking slower. I was showing the app to my Portuguese teacher, we listened to a shorty at the end of a lesson and the audio sounded slow. Is this something you introduced recently or am I just imagining it?

@chris.mcnally Hmm that’s strange. Could be an audio bug, since it’s not intentional. Is there a specific activity or lesson we can check out as an example?

I was doing one of the Adverbs 1, 2 or 3 Possibly. I think it is just that I was away from the app for a bit, I have been using other activities and recordings and coming back I just noticed how slowly Rui speaks. I appreciated it, especially as a novice, but hopefully I am improving in my listening so that is why he sounds slow to me now.

The App is very useful. I start my day from revising phrases, etc while still in bed. I take the phone for walks with my dog, etc. This would not be possible with a laptop. The App is a perfect tool to learn the language. Well done!
I am also using an App named Etymology Explorer, as it helps me to anchor new words in my previous learning experience.
Practice Portuguese is truly a comprehensive language studio.