Weird confusion over scroll position

I’m using one of the video playback exercises where I have to write down what I hear the person saying. As you know there are two additional buttons for fast and slow professional recordings in addition to the video. When I start to enter my answer, the keyboard appears, causing the bottom part of the screen to scroll up and stay in focus. Now I start typing, but then I decide I want to re-hear the recording. I tap the button for the fast-speed professional recording but the app doesn’t know that the keyboard is present and it somehow thinks the upper half of the screen is in view, because the next thing that happens is the video playback begins, and it’s jumped into view by disabling my keyboard — that’s almost expected if the input field loses focus, I guess. To summarize briefly, the bug is that tapping on the fast pro playback is confused and taken as a tap on the off-screen video playback area whenever the keyboard is present. It would be good to test this on phones with taller screens, as I suspect it’s going to be more likely to happen on shorter screens. Ask me if you need more help understanding this, because it’s a little weird.

This was the exercise I was doing, when I tapped the tapped the playback button and then what I saw next.

(Disregard the little screenshot edit dialog in the second image: I was a little too fast in taking the screenshot.)

Android 11, Pixel 2.

Thank you for the great description of the issue. And also you are quite right about what is going on there. Yet, from what I see in the code, this is way beyond our control. It seems that this behavior is mot something we can control (due to the keyboard being an operation system element that doesn’t belong to the app). The only trick I managed to use was to add an invisible overlay over the video clip when the keyboard is on the screen. That way, when the focus is shifted from the keyboard back to app it will not automatically play the video, but also nothing else will happen, so users will have to redo their initial action. I know this is not the perfect solution and will leave the case in my mind opened for few more days. Hopefully we will come up with a better solution.