"Verbs" Section

Loving the app…and thanks for all the hard work that I’m sure went into it!

Not sure if it’s just me as nobody else has mentioned them but just a couple of things I’ve noticed when using it on both my iPad and iPhone…

  • The verbs area isn’t showing that I’ve completed one already…
    For example, I have completed the verb ‘comer’ & ‘ter’ in the present tense but in app’s verb section it’s showing as not completed.

  • When I try and open the verb I get the message saying ‘when you become a member…’ then I get redirected. I’ve recorded a screen video to show you but not sure how to add it here?!? So here’s a step-by-step of what happens…


  • I intermittently get a message saying ‘error getting posts’ when in the practice area (bottom right icon in the app).
    I tap shorties and get the message,
    then tap videos and they load,
    then tap shorties and they load,
    then tap videos and get the error message.
    Just a bit random and thought you should know!

Anyway, just a few things that may well be just me but thought I should tell you about!

Keep up the fabulous work guys!!


Thanks for this really helpful feedback, appreciate all the details and screenshots, this is great!

I have a problem with the verbs section of the dropdown.
This works fine on my iPad mini (ios 12.5.1) but on my iPhone (ios 14.4) clicking on “verbs” asks me to log-in, which I have done already) and will not let me go to the verbs themselves.
I have a Legacy Account Subsciption.

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Okay found something to add.
When I complete verb quizzes in the mobile app, everything runs smoothly until I get to the score screen and I find clicking “Back To Verbs” link actually takes me out of the app interface (but still “in” tu app) and into the browser interface for verbs:

Goes to here:

This browser interface is where things aren’t as smooth on mobile and the issue someone mentioned above, with not being able to see “Completed” green circles around the tenses happens.

Otherwise, once you press “Back” at the Top righthand corner of the screen, it goes back to the verb page, where the green verb circles aren’t updated, UNTIL, you exit the verbs part of the app, and say go to the Home Screen, and then go BACK into the verbs, and the circles are then updated.

This should be resolved

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This part should also be resolved, and we’re working on remaining Verb section issues :slight_smile:


Hi Mac! We made some changes – is this working for you now?

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That seems to have solved the verbs issue on iPhone and since ipad was already ok… todo funciona !!

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