Use Translator without needing to close other page(s)

I often find that I want to go to the translate function, mid a smart review session, to check a phrase which I might use in everyday life and which simplifies the smart card version.
But in doing so I lose the current smart card session and have to start a new one.
Is there a work-around?

This is a good thought. I’ve thought the same. It’s inconvenient to have to close what you’re working on to be able to translate a phrase. I’m going to do some experimenting over the next few days to see if we have other options. Maybe we can add a little Translate button to the top navigation bar that takes you to a little translation module or something :thinking: Same goes for when on a Shorty, it would be useful to be able to translate a word without losing what you’re currently doing.

I was working on a unit lesson and went to Translate to check something. On moving back to units I had lost the question I was working on and had to restart the lesson. Is it possible to tweak someting so as not to lose work already done?

Hi @davidcowling949 and @mac.cummings , hope you’re both well! Thanks for mentioning this. This was a pet peeve of mine too, that greatly reduced the usefulness of the Translator, having it buried at the top-level of the app in the bottom menu.

I was able to move it out of that bottom menu and turn it into a floating button at the top right, available across the app.

That means you can now look up a word from the Shorty page, or find more context of a word from your Smart Review (since it will show matching examples on our site if they exist. Don’t forget about the Linguee search button too, to see more examples based on your search)

Hope that helps!

Screen Recording 2021-03-23 at 02.51.15 PM

Thanks for the improvement which I have just tested.
But is it intentional that the button is not only in the “top” position but remains also in the “bar” at the bottom as previously?

Thanks for testing it so quickly! If you force quit and relaunch the app once or twice, that button should disappear from the footer.

Yep. Sorted. Thanks Joel.

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Obrigado Joel. O amelhoramento é ótimo!

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