Units section location

Sorry- not sure where I should post a feature request

Please would it be possible to have ‘units’ added to the menu in the app? So users can scroll through units.

No problem if it’s not possible, but it would be helpful

Thanks @peterjduffy. Can you clarify more? The Units page is one of the main tabs at the bottom, but do you mean for the Units to also be an option or in the side menu? Thanks again!

Thanks for the rapid reply @joelrendall,

The user can scroll through the units on a computer or mobile. It would be great to have the same functionality in the app? It currently says ‘what’s next’ (which is helpful) but it would also be great to scroll to other units, for example if I want to quickly revise something.

A case in point, I wanted to remind myself of the imperative and thought I could just scroll back to that unit, but I had to use the search function to find the unit. Scrolling up would have been easier/faster.

Hope this helps:)

Thanks for the follow up, Peter! Just to confirm I am understanding, do you see the button shown in the screenshot? That should show you all of the Units.

Oops! Sorry! I somehow didn’t see that button. Thank you!

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