Unit page in a reload loop

Hi folks, great to have the app coming and it starts taking shape. A new bug appeared on my Google Pixel / Android 11: whenever I open a unit (eg. Greetings), it goes into an infinite reload loop.

Thanks @aj1! Yikes this a bad one. If you log out and log back in, and force quit the app a couple times does that resolve anything?

If not, does this happen when you click on an activity from without the greetings unit, or just when you try to expand the unit to reveal the activities?

Thanks again,


Hi Joel - well, interestingly, when I logged out (got a notification that I’ve been logged out) I still receive the personalised greeting (“Bem-vindo, Adam”) and can access content, but now I have a “log in” button, instead of the previous “log out”. [Sorry for bringing up another bug! :D]

I did try to force quit and even uninstall/reinstall with no luck. PFA a screen recording of what happens. Resolution reduced for file size. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vJON8xau56RsyOgTpt-14cT4xZG75M4p/view?usp=sharing)

Thanks and keep up, having the app will be so much easier than using the website on the phone when on the go (I mean, when on the go will be a thing again)!

Thanks for the video, that was helpful. Super weird, that’s the first we’ve seen this. I have a pixel as well, as a testing device, and haven’t been able to recreate it.

Sorry for the annoying troubleshooting but another idea would be to log out of the app as well as log out of our site through the web browser. Then clear your browser cache (hopefully you can do this without having to lose all your logged in sessions on other sites, let me know if you want help finding that option to just clear cache.

Then try logging into our app again through the sidebar.

If that doesn’t help, do you have any ad blockers or anything else that may change your web browsing from it’s default behaviour? Anything that comes to mind that might help me recreate what you’re seeing, let me know.

Failing all this, maybe I could ask a favour - if there are times in the day where you don’t need to use our platform, maybe I could temporarily reset your password to try logging in, just to eliminate there being some problem specifically with your account.

Thanks again for your help!


Ps. Accessing the site on your phone but through the web browser works fine, right?

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@aj1I just disabled a function in our code that may stop this redirecting issue, so let’s see if that helps

Thanks - I’ve tried the full logout (app+browser+cache) with no difference. It does work all right through the browser (Chrome) on the same phone. Can’t think of anything specific, it’s a factory Pixel, no launchers, no special apps or beta libraries, no managed profile.

We can surely try the reset password option and I saw your other post about updating the code - let me know when it’s in the app store so I can uninstall/reinstall!

Thanks again

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Hi @aj1,
I have reset your user account password to give it a test on few devices (it is actually a software as a service called BrowserStack where we can upload our app and test in of different devices and android versions). So I did a test on Pixel 4 and Pixel 5, both with Android 11.0. I couldn’t get the errors and it all worked well. Only one last thing that came to my mind was to try to install manually the app (not from the Play store, but from a file). You will have to first uninstall the current app, then download the file from here and then install it. You might need to set some permissions for installing apps from “outer” sources.
Also I have sent you a link to reset back you password.
Let us know if the manual install will do the trick.
Thanks a lot.

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@aj1 thanks for your assistance and patience on this one. I just wish we could recreate it on our end! Fingers crossed that Alex’s solution helps

Hi folks - sorry it took a while. I ended up installing the .apk manually through the link and this solved the reload issue! Thanks for the help.