Unable to replay video

I’ve just been working through the unit ‘Prepositions 2’.
I noticed that on lesson 2, after filling in and checking my answer I was unable to replay the ‘local person’ speaking on a couple of the questions.
The screen shot below is one of the questions where this happened…after getting the answer correct I wanted to replay the video but it wouldn’t play. The others that did play took a few taps before playing (first tap made the video sort of darker, second tap made the colour right, then the third tap and it played).

So I moved onto the next learning note ‘Combining “Em” with demonstratives’ and at the end there was no ‘Mark as complete’ button.
I had forced quit the app just before starting this unit…
(iPad mini, latest iOS)

Nb: after force quitting and going back in the ‘mark as complete’ is now there!

…carried on with the unit (after force quitting), and all the videos would replay in lesson 3, but in lesson 4 some wouldn’t.
Continued with the next learning note ‘Combining “A” with demonstratives’ and the ‘Mark as complete’ was missing again.

Please don’t think I’m whinging/moaning about it (I feel like all I do is bring you problems :pensive:) - I just want to give you as much info as possible to hopefully help you fix it…Ya know I love ya really :heart_eyes:

Hi @Lemonie90 and @JamesG,
Thank you for your feedback. I was really lucky to reproduce the issue following your steps and found the bug. Now it should be fixed.

@Lemonie90 I will have a look into this other video/audio playing issue and will leave update shortly. Don’t worry for leaving any comments on the app or the site, this is in great help of making the platform more consistent and functional. I appreciate this a lot :slight_smile:


I’ve looked into this. Couldn’t reproduce the problem on 100% but have seen most of what was going on. There was an old weird bug that required to add double click on the video to make it play if your previous focus was on the textarea. So this could be the reason of the video not playing always on the first click/tap. After tweaking a bit the code I think I fixed this (at least on my iPad it works ok now). Also did some optimization of the code which I think also helped a bit.

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I’ve just done a couple more units and the video not playing is still happening (for me and @JamesG) but it’s intermittent.

It only ever happens after checking the answer, and then it might be only one in 3 or 5 say that do it.
The screenshots are the last couple that refused to play (that I remembered to take)…

Also we’re both still getting videos that take a few taps to play - the shade of the video changes with the first tap, then back to normal with second tap, then it plays on the third tap. Again this is intermittent…

This issue also happens intermittently for me, today this video would not play after checking the answer.
Good luck with it.

Hey @JamesG and @Lemonie90 can you check if this was fixed for you. I just pushed some code changes related to this issue. You might need to close and reopen the app. Thank you.

Hey Alex,
Sooooo sorry for not replying to you sooner…completely missed it somehow! :see_no_evil:
Yes, the videos always replay now for me - good job :blush:

A few days ago I was doing the unit ‘Banking’, and only then did I notice the issue of having to tap the video a few times to get it to play again.

It’s this issue :arrow_up: however I’ve just been doing the unit ‘Adjectives 2’ (trying to get it to do it again) and it didn’t happen once in any of the 5 or 6 lessons I was on :triumph:

Then it came to me like :bulb: a bolt of lightning :zap:
I was trying out the app on my iPhone when it happened!!! So I just went on my phone and did my next lesson in ‘Adjectives 2’ and it happened!!
I’ve done a screen recording of it - let me know if you’d like to see it!

Hi Alex,

Just thought I’d give you an update (as it’s just now come to light)…

This 3-tap-thing I have to do on my iPhone to replay the video happens consistently on my iPhone 7, but never happens on @JamesG’s iPhone 6 :thinking: Strange!
Just thought I’d let you know, in case I’m having you chase some sort of ghost :ghost: :see_no_evil:

Hi Mel,

Thanks for update, I have to meditate a bit on this one to figure out what is might be the issue. May be it is something related with reloading of the video (and for that reason to have some sort of delay before playing) instead of staring to playing it from the beginning. Will check if this could be the reason and will post some update.
Thank you for all the details, they are quite useful.

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Hi Mel,
Some update here, I have checked what i thought that might be case of loading again the whole video but this wasn’t it. I’ve tried to reproduce it on my iPad but again with no luck. Yet, I have removed some very small unnecessary parts of the code that might be getting in the way. I’m very uncertain if those changes would make the difference but who knows. Let’s see.

Hey Alex,
Well :crossed_fingers:t3:fingers crossed​:crossed_fingers:t3: you seem to have cracked it :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:
I’ve just completed 2 lessons and the videos replayed fine, every time - all was great!!
Thank youuuuuuu :blush:

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