Translator Portuguese to German doesn't work well

Normally I use another Tranlator that works good most times.

Today I tried your translator the first time …and it don’t work well. Infinitiv of Verb never is translated to Infinitiv …often the verb is correct but not time to the right form.
perguntar - “fragen Sie” (correct: “fragen”)
andar - “spaziergang” (this is a nown and means passeio - correct would be “gehen”)
buscar -“suche” (this is the Imperativ and a nown - correct would be “suchen”)
afirmar -“staat” (translation means the nown “estado” correct would be the verb “bestätigen”)
o senhor -“Sie” (it’s used in the sentence like the formal you but correct would be “der Herr”)

and german to portuguese the same problems:
die Feder - “primavera” (correct would be “a pena”)

to be honest no result of my examples was correct…some words belong to the same base but often it’s completely nonsens.:neutral_face: I am really sorry about that.

Hi Gabriele,
I made exactly the same experience and commented this a few month earlier. I will continue with Linguee.

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