Translation help

This is from a Facebook page of a vineyard in the Algarve which I follow. It refers to the Sainthood of St Bartolomeu de Messiness in 1973.
“Um brinde a esta vila que nos acolhe”
Drindl translates it as
“A toast to our village that welcomes us”
Help me understand…is it’s meaning “a tribute to our village which we hold dear” or similar? Am I on the right track?

@mac.cummings, Drindl’s translation is accurate. Um brinde = A toast/cheers, and acolhe = welcomes/shelters us. But vila = (small) town, rather than village. I believe the message was about celebrating the date when the village of São Bartolomeu de Messines was promoted to a town (vila).

Thanks for the reply. The words which Drindl used didnt really make sense in English but I was glad that I got the jist!
Thanks to your help I can now see
“A toast to this town which shelters us” which makes perfect sense.

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