Translate not working correctly again

10.05 BST.
Translate not translating portuguese to english. Portuguese to other languages are ok.

11.08 working fine for me (iPad mini).

12.01 BST.
Working ok again now. All I was getting before was n/a. Very strange.

Hi David and Mel, thanks for the time range.
I have checked our error logs but it was all clear. I have added additional logger for when the third party translation service returns the “n/a” to check if there are any other error messages that might help me solve this one.

I will keep an eye on this new error log, but let me know if you experience the same problem again. Thanks.

Update Friday 23rd. 1350 bst
Translator not translating portuguese to english. Just showing n/a.

(Sorry forgot to comment yesterday)…

I checked my translate approx 10 mins after @davidcowling949 posted and my translate worked fine.

:thinking: Hmmmm…Strange little bug…!!

Hi David,

I think this is sorted now. The problem was the formality selection. Nevertheless that this field wasn’t visible for English it was still applying its previous value that might have been left over from your previous search. And I suppose Mel, hasn’t changed the formality and that is why for her it was working. So this was my mistake (sorry for that) and not something from DeepL. It is fixed now, and there shouldn’t be any problems.

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