Translate has gone!

This morning the translate (tab) has gone…!! :scream:
Is this an error or has it gone for good?.
*iPad and iPhone - latest iOS

I still have the tab on my iPhone but it has gone from the iPad!!

Sorry for the confusion! We are replacing it with a new version that loads instantly and doesn’t refresh when switching between sections of the app. We have to wait now for the new version of the app to be approved before the new version appears.

For now I have added back the old version. Once the app update is approved and you install the update, there may be a few hours in which you see both the old and new translate tabs at the bottom until we remove this old one again.

Did I confuse you more? :sweat_smile: Don’t forget to force quit the app once or twice for that old Translate tab to reappear.

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Yup. It is back . Thanks for the explanation.

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Great, thanks Joel :blush:

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