Translate giving different spelling to PP lesson

I was using Translate to find which past tense to use in “The show was great”. Great was translated as óptimo, PP spelling is ótimo which I believe to be correct. I know that the spanish spelling is óptimo. Is this an alternative spelling or a misprint?

Hi David, thanks for finding this! This is a strange exception, caused by the service we have integrated with that provides the text translations.

“óptimo” was previously the correct spelling in Portuguese, before the novo acordo went into affect, (an agreement with Brazil to update some spelling of words for various reasons. There were a couple of these agreements, maybe the most recent being in the 2000’s?).

Some still choose not to follow those new rules. However, at PP we intend to follow these new rules, so this is something we’ll need to keep an eye on to see if it keeps coming up.

Strangely, when you translate “great” on its own, it shows the new spelling, “ótimo”.

@timelinedev A solution for this would be to filter the PT results through a series of find/replace commands for the rare times this happens. It might not be very frequent, so maybe a quick solution for now is to just hardcode this into the translate function for now? óptimo -> ótimo

This was fixed. I have also added a place in the code to include more exceptions like this so next one will be just adding the pair.

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