Transcript doesn't sync with video playback

If the lesson includes a video plus script, then turning on the Scroll option does nothing, the transcript doesn’t sync or advance when the video plays.

This was in the final part of the lesson titled “Questions” which is this page in the web version.

Android 11, Pixel 2.

OK. Maybe you want to move this elsewhere but as a learner, an extract of the audio would be more useful to because the script is helpful (vs the value of the audio.) The video is definitely cute!

Sorry it took forever to respond here! The video transcripts do not sync within the app unfortunately, but we just made some adjustments so that you can get the audio for these with the synced transcript. (There’s a link to see the video version, but it’s not the only option now.)

Thanks for the fix, it looks great. @timelinedev, I wonder if the font should be bigger for the link to the video version (or that whole line of text). It’s tiny for a mobile target.

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Hey, Bob, I improved a bit the font size of that text, you were right it was quite small, like from like the important part of an insurance contract :slight_smile: