Text input field doesn't grow (enough) with entry

This may also be true in the web version so maybe it’s not specific to Android. In video playback where I’m supposed to write what the speaker says, the input field is very narrow to being with and sometimes grows less than the width of what I’ve typed. This isn’t 100% reproducible, but it is fairly common. Could you just make the field some significantly wider value to start and fix it at that or make it a multi-line text area? This shows what it looks like.

Only 2 letters is visibil. Dificult to spell without seeing the hole word.

Thanks for your message! Did this happen in a lesson within one of the Units?

Do you mean that you can only see 2 letters of the word you are typing when you try to fill in the blanks?

Are you using Android or iOS?

I had the same problem. Using Android. I was in Units on Números 11-15 Lesson 4. Not showing all the letters I typed in for answers, for example, for “quinze”, the display might only show “n” after typing in “qui”, if this makes any sense.

Thanks for reporting this! I just merged some messages from a couple other users having a similar issue. We’re on it!

Yes, in the units. On android.

Not sure if this is the same issue…I was just doing a unit on my iPhone and when typing the words disappeared from the screen. When they turned green they all fit in, just not when typing.

Bom dia, to every one.
I have fixed this. Now the text will go on two rows if it is wider then the screen.

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