Styling suggestions

Rather than start a thread for style suggestions I thought I’d just mention a few things here if you don’t mind :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  1. Can you move the two listen button a bit further apart? Every time I hit it, I hit the slow one instead of the regular speed one…

  2. Can you make the numbers in the progress bar a bit bigger? It’s very hard to see them as is (the 1/18 etc).

  3. Can the side menu be collapsible? I often use my iPad in landscape and it takes up a lot of the screen…

Completely understand that maybe not everyone would want these changes or they may be too difficult to do, but just thought I’d throw them out there… :grimacing:

I have to say I think you’re all brilliant with how quick you’re fixing the bugs, replying to people etc…:clap:t3::clap:t3: seriously, great work!!

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Yes, good call. We’ll ask Alex (coder) to fiddle with this since I think it’s different depending on screen size.

Sure! We actually removed these numbers for a while and can’t remember if we decided to bring them back or if they snuck their way back in over time… No matter, I have made them a little bit bigger and style a light-ish grey. My goal was for them to be readable if you look for it, but not to pull your eye away from the content below.

Rui was watching some boring Viking show so I took on the challenge and hacked together a little collapse button, see what you think! I could only test it on a 12 inch iPad Pro so if anyone sees anything weird on other tablet sizes, let us know!

Thanks so much! Having members test really improves our confidence level for launching it. App store reviews are HARSH at the best of times, so it was better for us to open ourselves to constructive criticism from our wonderful members first before unleashing it to the jackals who aren’t yet part of the PP community. Thanks to you and others for your help, and keep sending us notes whenever you see something that seems important. (We will be doing some style cleanups across the entire site and app soon, so some more of these small annoyances / inconsistencies shouldn’t be long for this world :muscle:)

One last thing, whenever you see we’ve made tweaks like this, make sure to crash the app and reopen it to make sure you’re not seeing the old version. (This would happen naturally any way if you come back to the app after being away for a while, when your device kicks it out of the active memory). Luckily, we are able to make lots of these changes without require you installing an app update every time.

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Wow you work fast :flushed::clap:t3::clap:t3:

So I’ve just done a lesson and have to say bravo, good work!!! :facepunch:t3:

I love the collapsible sidebar :heart_eyes: Having it full screen and the pic around the text box is great, moving the side bar has spaced out the listening buttons and the progress amount (1/15) is perfect…there but not too in your face!!
*I’m using an iPad mini…

Fab work Joel, thank you!! :+1:t3: I promise not to make (too many) more requests/suggestions :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Have a great weekend :beers:

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Ah yes that’s a nice side effect, you have space to see our wonderfully-Molly-chosen backgrounds! :innocent: Thanks for the follow up and bom fim de semana para ti também.