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When using Smart Review in the app (Android), the Back arrow doesn’t take you back to the main app. It works like the browser back button i.e. takes you back to a previous page.

This only applies when when you’ve done more than one round of Smart Review though

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I found this too!
After completing multiple Smart Reviews, you have to click the “back” button at the top several times to get out of the page and back to anything. On this page is also says “log in” even if you’re already logged in, can get out of this, but just gotta click back many times.
Maybe quick fix by having the “Home. Learn. Smart Review. Practice” tool bar available at the bottom of the smart review screen at all times?

I believe we just fixed this but haven’t been able to test (since my own Smart Review is caught up… humble brag :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) Can either of you confirm this is now fixed? You should now only need to click “back” once after multiple Smart Reviews

I’ve tested it and it’s working.

I wish I was caught up on my Smart Review, but I was too efficient and added a lot of phrases from lessons and learning notes which has taken my phrases up to almost 6000 in total :sweat_smile:


Omigosh we have to find some kind of solution for that. Let us know if you have any ideas. (You have been curating your phrases with the Manage Phrases page, removing those that you don’t need or marking some as “mastered”?)

I have been moving the phrases, but with so many it gets tedious!

Maybe a sort/filter feature, as I’m sure I have duplicates or very similar phrases that could be removed or marked as mastered.

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@joelrendall - I know I said this was working, but the issue seems to have come back

Thanks for the message and sorry about this. Strange, hitting Back once should close you right out of there even if you have done multiple smart reviews. Flash card mode, right? Can you try force quitting app and trying again? Thanks again

@Molly any luck reproducing this now?

@joelrendall It’s working fine on my end, but I’m on iOS. Hitting back takes me to the main Smart Review page as expected, even after doing multiple review sessions.

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I’ve tested and it seems fine. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it happens again.

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