Small text, too close together

This isn’t exactly a bug but it’s a UI thing and I’ve had Apple reject us for this one, albeit a long time ago. There’s a lot of places where you have text that’s a link, but the text is small and way too close together for a mobile device. Below is the best example I’ve noticed, but I also see it in the Send Feedback On This Question link. You might want to just suppress these, stop making them into links, add more space or something to get them away from the Next button.

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Hi Bob, thanks for your excellent advice! (I saw your email and meant to reply today but time ran away on me :stuck_out_tongue:) Appreciate all of your very helpful feedback, please keep it coming and thanks for taking the time.

I just tweaked the taxonomy links to be a bit more button-y. Do you think that should do the trick?

Pleeeeease let us know if you see anything that is app rejection territory, since that is terrifying!



Applied similar fix to “Send feedback” button

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Yeah, anything to make them big enough for fat fingers to find the target will work. :slight_smile:

I must work fast… because while our developer sleeps, Joel does CSS tweaks :cowboy_hat_face:

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