Shorties at the end of a unit / from home page

Another small issue I just came across…

After completing the shortie quiz at the end of a unit, I couldn’t carry on to the next unit. My only option was to hit the back button, which then showed that I still had the shortie to complete. I went in and did the shortie quiz again and it still didn’t show any box to move forward.

I then hit the home button and it still shows the shortie to do…(I’ve closed the app down and reopened it but the home page still shows this :arrow_down:).

(NB…I just opened the website too and that’s showing the same - yet I went to the shortie and it shows the quiz as completed. So I then completed the shortie quiz again but on the website, and the ‘what’s next’ option was there. I then went to the website homepage and that is now up to date.)

When I go to the unit via the learn button it is showing the sorties as completed there.

(I’m using an iPad mini on iOS 14.4)

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Thanks for reporting this and for all the detailed information you provided!

So far we haven’t been able to recreate the issue on our end. Can you try it again to see if it’s working now? (Make sure to select the Shorty from the units page, as the Next button won’t show up if it’s selected from the main list of Shorties.)

If it’s still happening, would you mind sending a screen recording so we can make sure we are taking the same steps?

I wonder if this is only on a tablet (iPad?)

I just tested on my iPhone, iPad (running latest OS) and an old nexus Android tablet, and seems to behave as expected. Whenever you click back on a page inside the “Learn” section, the main Learn and Home pages should refresh to reflect latest progress. The “What’s Next” area also showed for me at the end of the Shorty quiz.

I’m wondering if it could have been a on-off glitch, maybe due to interrupted network connection or something.

If anyone can reproduce this reliably and have any tips, let us know! Obrigado :slight_smile:

Alex (our programmer) was also unable to replicate this. To confirm, the following activity’s “What’s Next” link will only show up if the Shorty was accessed from the Learn page (or as a “What’s Next” link). So if you happen to go to the Shorties section and choose a Shorty from the list of all Shorties, it will not show a “What’s Next” activity. Not saying that is the case here, just wanted to confirm the expected behaviour.

Closing for now, but if anyone can replicate and can provide details (or screenshots/recording) that would be a huge help!

I just slogged my way through ‘Simple Past 2’ only to discover there’s no shortie at that end of that unit :see_no_evil:
I’ll crack on to the next unit and see if the problem happens there and update as and when…

However, my partner who also had the above problem yesterday just finished a unit…and said the problem didn’t happen - it went to to the next unit fine! Hopefully it’ll be ok for me too :crossed_fingers:t3:
*We’re both on iOS 14.4

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So I just finished the next unit and the shortie at the end was fine :+1:t3:
The ‘What’s Next’ button was there and I could move along with no problems :slight_smile:
The home page was also up to date so I could carry on as normal! :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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Awesome thanks for the follow-up! I will mark this issue as closed for now :slight_smile: please keep sending feedback as you’ve got it!

Just found how to input bugs. I needed to be logged in. I though I was logged in since I was able to do the lessons. Not sure if that’s another bug.

I’m using the app on my iPhone. After the audio lesson, Aula de História, there’s no way to move forward to the next lesson.

I also tried to leave a comment, but that didn’t work. I’m getting an error message that requests an email, but there was no place to put an email.

Hi Denise! Sorry about that! This is not obvious, but on iOS you have to login separately for the forum even though you’re already logged in for the rest of the app. We’re looking into this to see if there’s a way to log users in automatically.

The commenting error is another open issue we’re working on.

As for the “What’s Next” Continue button not appearing after that Shorty (audio lesson)… We haven’t been able to recreate this issue on our end yet. Would you be able to send a screen recording of what happens (starting from before you select the episode)? This might help us narrow down the cause.

Thanks for taking the time to submit these issues despite the difficulty! :slight_smile:

I went back in to use it and it seems the “what’s next” is now appearing. So, I guess that’s fixed. :slight_smile:

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Hi Molly,

This was something I mentioned a few days ago…

Tonight it just happened again to me…
It seems to happen when you go to the Shortie from the homepage rather than the ‘learn’ page. Twice I completed the shortie tonight but the ‘What’s next’ wasn’t there…
I have a screen recording so let me know if you want it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ok, so strange! It’s working for me both from the units page and from the home page.

(It’s expected that you won’t get the What’s Next button if you start from the main list of Shorties page, but it should work in the other two cases.)

I wonder if it’s because I’m going to the home page right away? Do you remember if it happened to you after leaving the app for a while and coming back?

I’ll re-open this and see if we can figure it out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes it was after a few hours away :+1:t3:

Since staring the topic it hasn’t done it again until tonight.
I always force close the app before opening it just in case you’ve made any tweaks, and had just before I opened it an hour or so ago.


Good day,
I have found the problem and fixed it. Should work without problems now. Thank you for reporting this.