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Not sure if this is something you’ve purposefully disabled, but I was just doing the shortie ‘O Dia a Dia da Rute’ at the end of the unit and I was unable to manually scroll the transcript when the audio is paused.
The transcript scrolls when the audio is playing but if I pause the audio then the transcript becomes fixed.

This is also happening for me now, this is a new problem for us, I’ve only experienced it today,…also when I try to highlight and copy text from the same dialogue window i crash the page and am returned to my home page or even, worse I get logged out temporarily. Again I’ve only experienced this today, I will get @Lemonie90 to check it out as well.

This is the shortie I was referring to, it’s different to the one @Lemonie90 had a problem with.

Yeah, this just happened to me too.
I tried to highlight some of the text in the transcript (O dia a dia da Rute) and the app crashed and took me back to the initial landing/home page.

I have fixed the highlighting but have to look deeper what is the issue with the scroll.

Message just received via email:

Hi Alex, the issue doesn’t seem to be fixed, I have done a screen recording for you.

The problem happens as soon as I start to drag the little flags that move the ends of the highlighted script selection box.

Obviously we relaunched the app before trying and lemonie90 also ran the same test with the same results.

Good luck.

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Thanks for sharing the screen recording @Molly (and wow, so quickly :clap:t3::clap:t3:)…
The scrolling seems sorted now, so it’s only the highlighting that has an issue now…

You guys really are working hard, and we all appreciate the time, effort and speedy responses…but again, thank you :pray:t3:

Yes, I was about to tell you that the scroll is fixed. For the other thing I guess it will take time until it populates as it a fix in script that is heavily cached my the app, not sure how I can purge that cache, but I think that in a day or so it will be fine. On my iPad it was ok (I could reproduce the issue, and the to test the fix), but the app my device is a developers one and is not caching this scripts (may be)… any way… I will check it up tomorrow with you if you still have that bug and thing of some other way to push the fix.
Thanks for all the reporting of the issues :slight_smile:

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