‘Send Feedback’ covering the ‘Next’ button

The ‘send feedback’ button covers/partially covers the ‘next’ button when on full screen.
The only way to see the ‘next’ button when it does this is to open the side menu…

Screenshot examples…

Also, when correcting this, is there any way the ‘send feedback’ can be moved to a bottom corner or somewhere not too near the ‘next’ button…?..as I’ve almost clicked it by accident a few times…
iOS 14.4

Thanks for letting us know! This is affecting the main site too right now, but I hadn’t been able to check if it was also affecting tablet users. (FYI for anyone else seeing this – on the main site you can click Enter or Return to move forward until it’s fixed)

On the tablet, however, I’m afraid you’re stuck opening the side menu in the meantime until we can fix it.

I think it’s an easy fix, though, so it should be back to normal soon!

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Sorry about this, this was caused by a tweak I made last night and I wasn’t seeing this side effect. Fixed and very sorry about that!

Still need more space between the 2 buttons or is it good now?

No worries :relieved: these things happen in the hunt for perfection :grimacing:

The space is much better…thank you!
As the feedback button will (hopefully) be used infrequently, do you think it would look better a bit smaller in size and on the bottom left side maybe - just aesthetics, and I’m a bugger for symmetry :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil: Sorry!
See what you think…