Request for Phrases Learned addition

I don’t know anything about programing, so I am not sure how easy or even possible it may be to do this. At the end of each lesson we are shown a list of phrases learned. Could this list be made permanently available to refer back to when needed ?
I appreciate that the phrases are available in Smart Review, but these are randomly chosen and it would take a lot of luck to come up with the particular phrase you were looking for.
Another option may be to add them at the end of each unit as with Verbs Used but this would not be as useful as at the end of each particular lesson.

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Hi David,
We have something that might what you need. You can take a look into this article about My phrases. In ‘My phrases’ you would find all the phrases from the lessons you have covered. And you can select those you prefer and create your own smart review. The only downside is that it you won’t find any information on where the phrases came from… I mean to which lesson or unit they belong. The reason is that some phrases may belong to different units and lessons and getting this information can make this page very slow.
Let us know if this is helpful fro you, or you are looking for something more specific.
Thank you.

Hi Alex.
Something more specific actually.
Lets suppose I am working on something and am not sure whether to use the preposition para or por. I could go to the Prepositions Unit and find the relevant lesson and look through the Phrases Learned , if they were available. As it is I would have to work through the lesson again to find the phrase I was needing.
I know about the list of ‘My Phrases’ but I would have to file through hundreds to find what I needed.
It was just a thought. It would be handy for me but perhaps not everybody.

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Hi David, just jumping in here. In the Manage Phrases section you can search for “para” or “por” and it will show you all phrases containing those words.

But I see what you’re saying – if you were looking for a specific phrase from the Prepositions unit (but didn’t remember it exactly in order to search for it), or if you just wanted to see the phrases from that unit all together, it would be really tedious to track them down.

Perhaps in the future we could add a way to filter the Manage Phrases section by unit.


Hi Molly.
Yes, filtering the phrases by unit would be a good solution. I havn’t yet found the search facility. Somust give that a try.

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Added to the list! The search field is above the toggle button that says “Show Translations”. You’ll see a :mag:at the end of the line. Manage Phrases

Thanks molly. Nice to know.

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