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I found the following links to be potentially good resources for reading in Portuguese:


Thank you for this resource!

In my experience reading books in a language you’re learning helps both in learning new words and in getting a general sense of the language, how sentences are constructed, common phrases etc. Besides, I like reading! Does anyone have tips on Portuguese books / authors that are not too difficult to start with?

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I will make the big recommendation for anything by Roald Dahl.

Charlie e a Fábriqua de Chocolate, As Bruxas, etc.

I’ve had a lot of fun reading them. Fairly easy to guess the words you don’t know and have a general sense of the plot, then you can go back and more carefully study the structure, look up unknown words, etc.


Ola, it is not an advertisement of Pingo Doce :slightly_smiling_face: but the book that I would like to recommend is part of a Pingo Doce series of books for children:

“O protesto do Lobo Mau” I like it very much.

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I’ve been reading O Alquimista pelo Paulo Coelho.

I decided to try this as it was written natively in Português (admittedly Brazilian - I think), so it’s not a translation. Other translated books I’ve struggled with, so wanted to try a non-translated book.

Surprisingly, I’ve followed the plot pretty well. Although (spoiler alert) I just hit the part where the kid’s heart starts talking as a character. That left me completely adrift…


Olá @stephencanthony!

Eu também li “O Alquimista” e sou com acordo que é bastante fácil a ler. Agora estou a ler “O Diário de um Mago”. É um livro muito estimulante, mas precisa mais esforço para perceber!

Boa leitura em 2020!

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Uau… em Setembro, temos reservas para caminhar o Caminho Português. o Porto para Santiago. O seu livro será o meu próximo livro!

In the beginning of 2019, I think it was, the Portuguese online journal, Expresso, published a Portuguese translation of Mohandas K. Gandhi’s autobiography, “The Story of My Experiments with Truth.” It was a five-part publication made available to everyone. I have been reading this series and have found it to be helpful practice, as well as being of great substance and inspiration. Perhaps others may also find it valuable in the study of the Portuguese language. I think it is in European Portuguese, but not quite sure. I believe the link to it is still available here:

Posted After Finishing: Having finished reading this fascinating, moving and inspiring work in Portuguese, I can say I highly recommend it as a language-learning resource. I am certainly not more than an A2-level reader, and I was able to understand a good 95% of what I read and learned quite a bit about sentence structure and expressions. I found the translation to be very understandable.


Uau, isso será uma aventura maravilhosa!
Bravo, e boa sorte!