Pronunciation rules

Is there a section on general pronunciation on the site, e.g. where the stress is placed on words and how different vowels sound?

It would be very difficult to cover this aspect in terms of general rules. This is why we make extensive use of audio examples all throughout the website, so you can learn the pronunciation of all the key words and sentences you come across. Also, of course, the shorties and podcasts! Still, we did compile a few resources on this subject, right here: How Do I Improve My Pronunciation Skills? Note that as things get updated, some links may be unavailable for now.

The forum itself is a resource you can explore. Here’s an example of a recent discussion on an aspect of pronunciation: Basic pronunciation: que

You can ask away specific questions right here if there’s something you don’t understand. I’ll try to help!

Thanks @Joseph

Just 2 small questions

Does Portuguese stress the penultimate syllable in a word like Spanish, and are syllables with accents stressed or is that too simple?