Problem with keyboard covering new topic form

When making new request the keyboard covers the form making it transparent and then invisible while inputting text. I am typing blind here. After dismissing the keyboard the form becomes visible. Very strange

Hi David,
You where with Android 6 (if I remember correctly), can you take a screen shot of what you see wen this bug happens. I think for your device screenshots could be take with holding both power button + volume down button. Since the forum is third party service we are using, we might need to report this to them.
Thank you.

Sorry, l seem to have given you some wrong information here. The keyboard has somehow turned into a floating keyboard and I am able to move it clear of the panel. Wish this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

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Not sure if this is still an issue, but this is an Android “feature” which you have to remove from the settings or somehow with dragging to “anchor” back the the keyboard to the bottom (I’m not familiar how this is happening since I have disable the Google keyboards, and added a third party keyboard application which doesn’t support the floating option).

You my try to disable the keyboard floating thing from the settings. But since Android has its settings position changed multiple times across different versions I’m not sure where you have to look at, but my guess is that is should be something like Settings-> General/System -> Languages and Input -> Keyboards and somewhere there should be a setting (like checkbox) to disable the floating keyboard feature.
Hope this will help.

Hi Alex.
I did post on 25 march that I had corrected this. Sorry to have taken up your time.
Many thanks.

No problem David, it seems I have misread your post from 25th and though that the floating keyboard was the problem, while it was the solution. Anyway, happy that you have found workaround.