Portuguese TV programs

Hi, @dbuachalla.

Some of the melodrama aside, I found the telenovela “O Sábio” to be a wonderful resource (thanks again, @joshsmith!). About 85% of the episodes feature subtitles, the actors speak at normal speed and, as far as I can recall, little slang is used (except maybe with a few of the younger characters). Plus, some of the familial and supernatural storylines are actually entertaining (and I found one of my first, favorite Portuguese actress’ - São José Correia).


Obrigada pela recomendação! Acabei de ver 2 episódios do Sábio e… estou viciada. :smiley: No passado tentei ver algumas séries na TV mas foi muito difícil. No entanto, com as legendas é ótimo!

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For those struggling with Teletext. We used to have it in the UK a long time ago back around 1990s to 2005. Every screen is like a magazine it will list stuff you can see and a page number. Just type the page number using your remote and the TV will show the content of that page.

Usually 888 is for subtitles :grinning:

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Olá , Does anyone have good recommendations on series , movies on RTP ?

How long will take to start understanding and talking Portuguese ? I’m totally beginner

Olá! I have been learning Portuguese since October, so about 7+ months, and I am now able to understand a lot of what I listen to (but not all) and can have basic conversations. The shorties and podcasts on PP are very useful for your listening skills, so use them, even if you don’t understand them at first. Get used to the sounds, and you’ll start to pick up words and phrases that are often used, even if you don’t know what they mean at first, it’s important. You can practice “talking” by starting with writing: keep a simple diary in Portuguese, writing even if you’re making mistakes or don’t know the words. Then check the correct translation and write it beneath. AS you go through your day, use phrases or sentences you learn as you think to yourself in your head. This will build confidence to begin actual conversations when you are ready for that, with a group on here or a tutor.

Remember that the “connected speech” in Portuguese makes things confusing for a beginner, so be sure to study that if you haven’t already.

As far as Portuguese series, on RTP I’ve used “Estudo em Casa” and watched the “Português: Lïngua não materna iniciação” lessons, and then the “Intermedio” lessons. You will hear the teacher repeat phrases many times, which is super helpful in comprehension. Plus, she does simple grammar/vocab lessons in each episode and uses graphics that help.

As far as shows, on Netflix, I’ve really enjoyed “Til Life Do Us Part” and “Glória.” On RTP, I haven’t watched many, but, for a hoot, you should check out “O Preço Certo” the Português version of the American game show “The Price is Right.” It’s cheesy and corny, but fun, and good to listen to the chatting with the contestants. It’s a Portuguese twist on a cheesy American show, LOL.

Lastly, on Youtube, I LOVE “Mathgurl.” This is a young woman from Guimarâes who does videos on math topics, with graphics to help explain. I enjoy math puzzles so it’s fun for me, but in addition, her graphics help with comprehending the language. Math is a universal language, so math lessons in Portuguese can be helpful. :grinning: She’s also funny and lively, and you’ll hear a more northern accent in her speech.

Which brings me to my last point: There are differences in speech and even word use from south to north in Portugal. We will be living in the north and I’ve found their speech is a bit easier to understand. But my tutor is from Lisboa and it’s helpful to hear/learn other ways of saying things. Just recognize that like in most countries, especially the US, dialect changes from region to region and just roll with it if it trips you up.

Give yourself grace, it’s a beautiful but sort of hard language. There will be days when you feel confident in your progression and days that you will feel confused and that you’ve forgotten even the most basic things. It’s normal. Conversing is the hardest, and my best advice is to understand that you’'ll feel like a little child again, and just embrace that and don’t be afraid to feel embarrassed. :slightly_smiling_face: I first conversed in basic Portuguese in January, in northern Portugal, and did fine, though of course I made many mistakes. (The people are very gracious). But on my last day there, I was told that my pronunciation was very good, and they thought I had a Portuguese relative because of that! (Nope, it’s just Practice Portuguese that really helped with that)!


Thx a million Wendy

really u helped a lot, very very useful informations for a beginner. I took a note of everything you wrote
muito obrigada Xxxx

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I have bookmarked your post. Full of great tips and shows to look up when (if) I learn a little bit more. Thank you so much!

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De nada, Tomas! :blush:

This language journey has been one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, so happy to share what I’ve discovered in the process.


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De nada! :grinning:

Embrace the confusion when it arises, and just laugh at yourself when making mistakes. And find the little patterns and links to other words. I found one the other day:

engarrafamentos - traffic jams (bottle necks in colloquial English)
garrafa - bottle in Portuguese!



I recommend Nelio & Idália - a RTP sitcom. You can stream it in the following link https://www.portuguesepedia.com/portuguese-tv-shows-with-subtitles/

If you are looking any European Portuguese tv series on Netflix, I recommend Until Life Do Us Part and Gloría.

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I found As regras da Flora on RTP Play. Flora is a smart girl getting herself into, and out of, various troublesome situations. The episodes are typically less than 10 minutes, with the dialogue being very clear to hear and understand. There are no subtitles (of if there are, I have not found them), but despite still making my way through the A1 units, I found that I can understand enough to follow the story line and join in on some of the laughs. Highly recommended to other beginners.

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I’m watching Gloria now. I watched Mar and Desterro too. I will watch Until Life do Us Part, thanks for recommendation.


I watched Gloría and Life do Us Part last year. I enjoyed both tv series.